What Time Of Day Is Best For Networking?

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Morning, afternoon, or evening?

What’s the best time to network?

Today I talk through this old age conundrum with networking.

Because networking becomes more enjoyable and fruitful when you can be yourself, around others also being themselves.

Finding your best time of day helps you achieve this.

It’s about identifying the events best suited to you – so you can be your most authentic self.

Unfortunately, many try and be everywhere, at any time.

Thinking they can play the part of a networking chameleon.

Here’s what to consider.

Some are early risers and want to get their networking done.

Some prefer it in the day during their work schedule.

Some prefer after work.

Everyone has their preference.

And for good reason.

Why is time so important?

A few reasons.

But the main one I’ve noticed is not doing it at a time best suited or comfortable for you, means you turn up with the wrong attitude and energy.

Meaning you’ve lost before you’ve started.

You could start to resent it.

Which reduces your motivation to actually network.

Compared to finding the right time – which allows you to network as your most authentic self.

At a time you are most comfortable with.

For example, if you’re not a morning person, don’t force yourself to an event at 6.30am.

If you can’t commit networking time during the typical work day, don’t try fit it in.

Or don’t go to an evening event after work if you’re going to be glancing at your watch thinking when you can get home.

You might also have commitments outside of work with kids, hobbies, partners, and don’t want your networking to get in the way.

So, morning, afternoon or evening?

In my experience of hosting events – I have tried morning, afternoon and evening.

One thing I’ve learned – you’ll never please everyone.

It also taught me every networker has a preferred time of day to network.

Rarely have I found a networker not to have a preference of one.

Personally, I prefer lunchtime or evenings.

I’m an early riser, but my mornings are sacred to either go to the gym or work on something without distraction before the day gets busy (like writing The Networker!).

You might relate.

Or you might be the complete opposite.

My experience from hosting 400+ events is lunchtimes are most popular on the whole.

With mornings and evenings tending to throw up more distractions or commitments.

Be it school runs, hobbies, family time, or just a rule that it’s people’s personal time and not networking time.

But they also don’t interrupt your working day, and seemingly why they are popular amongst certain networkers still.

All 3 have lots of pros and cons, which I won’t highlight because ultimately it comes down to your personal preference.

You’ll know what yours is.

My lesson today is sharing the impact finding the best time has to your attitude, energy and approach to networking.

Practical Application

Only you can answer what time of day works best for you.

My advice is to work out your preference.

Both in terms of your preference as well as your schedule.

Start and commit to that – particularly in the early stages.

This will allow you to network at your most comfortable and preferred time.

As well as your most authentic self.

The more comfortable you get, add a mix in.

Say 80% your preferred time, and 20% combined the other.

E.g. 10% morning events, 80% lunchtime events, 10% evening.

But don’t be afraid to keep it fluid. And keep a mix if possible.

A mix also means you’ll meet a wider and diverse range of networkers too.

As you’ll meet different people who each have their own preferences.

Plus you’ll less likely resent those events because you know it’s on the odd occasion you’ll have to network outside of your preferred time of time.

And getting out your comfort zone isn’t a bad thing from time to time!

The Wrap Up

So there you have it, permission that you don’t have to network breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Wrong time = wrong attitude.

Wrong attitude = wrong approach.

Network when is most comfortable to you.

When you can be your most authentic self.

This is when you’ll forge true, deep connections.

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