Two Phrases To Use When Joining Conversations

Joining in with a small group already in conversation at a networking event can be hard.

Groups of 2, 3 or 4 people.

It can fill you with fear or stress just thinking about it.

But you can relieve yourself of this.

With two simple phrases.

Unfortunately, many networkers think it’s about what you need to contribute and add to the conversation.

Most of the time, it’s about how you can allow them to continue.

But you do have a responsibility.

Here’s what I mean.

Picture the scene.

You’ve joined a conversation and you suddenly feel that sense it’s about to become all about you.

Not by choice, but by human nature with others wanting to bring you into the tribe.

Because this can lead to that irrational fear that comes with joining conversations.

Which is this happening…

Because this can be how it feels.

All eyes and attention is now on you.

No pressure...

But when joining already established conversations at networking events, there is something you need to remember and be considerate about.

Conversations you are joining could be mid-way through.

Those in it could be in a flow.

It’s not to say you can’t join them.

How were you to know anyway?

But let's put yourself in their shoes.

You’re in a conversation with someone else at an event.

Maybe you’re speaking. Maybe the other person is.

But it’s flowing nicely.

And another attendee has joined the group.

No problem so far. More the merrier.

You welcome them in.

But suddenly, you feel obliged to make it all about them.

Maybe in an attempt to bring them in and make them feel welcome (because you’re nice like that).

Or naturally it becomes about them as the new person in the group.

But it’s stopped you or the other person in your tracks.

That interesting story or point you were making that was cut off halfway through is fading into the distance in the rear view mirror.

So how do you avoid this when you’re next joining a conversation?

By arming yourself with a couple of phrases.

Ones that allow others to continue where they were.

For example:

“Do you mind if I join? Please carry on, what were you talking about?”


“Do you mind in I jump in? Don’t let me stop you, I’ll join in when the time is right.”

These simple phrases provide that permission some people may need to continue where they were.

Some people may not need it, and will bring you up to speed to continue where they were.

It may be that they had finished or were coming to a natural end of the conversation.

But if anything, it’s polite and courteous to acknowledge this when joining in.

It demonstrates a level of awareness and understanding that’ll leave an excellent first impression.

Wrap Up

So next time you join, try one of these phrases.

Or a variation of.

Rid yourself of the fear of joining a conversation again.

Just by being a polite, courteous, and considerate networker like that.

Happy Networking.


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