How To Increase Your Enjoyment From Networking

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Networking and playing golf have a lot in common.

Before I lose you, you don’t have to like or play golf to understand this edition.

Replace golf with any sport you might play or follow for that matter.

But when I play golf, I have extremely low expectations.

Do I hope I play well? Yes.

Do I try and play well? Yes.

But if I don’t, am I upset? No.

Because I don’t practice or play enough (or as much as I’d like) to justify playing as well as I could expect.

And I recognise that.

As a result, my approach and demeanour on the course reflects that.

But the best part is, my enjoyment is high.

Let’s look at how you can apply that way of thinking to your networking.

I never expect anything from attending one event.

Or multiple events for that matter.

Nor should you.

By having high or unrealistic expectations, your behaviour will reflect that.

You’ll be more pushy, less interested in establishing a true connection with others, and be guilty of being a short-sighted networker.

This is emphasised further if your expectations and overall approach to networking are unaligned.

For example, if you expect immediate results or traction from every event, but don’t have a plan or follow a framework when attending events.

Do you look to improve your networking?

Do you look for ways to become a better networker?

Are you putting a plan in place before, during and after an event?


Your expectations should be pretty low then.

It’s about showing up consistently, thinking long-term, and practicing it repeatedly.

Only then should you expect to see traction.

And your expectations will be justified.

More importantly, you’ll enjoy it far more and be less pressured to ‘force’ results.

Don’t expect to be the Tiger Woods of networking without putting the work in.

The Wrap Up

Try it with your networking.

Lower your expectations.

See your enjoyment levels increase.

Or if you have high expectations and want to achieve.

Work on putting a plan in place when attending events, start tracking your networking activity, and assessing where you feel you need to improve.

Happy networking.

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