Getting Fit For Networking (Outside Of Events)

Recently I needed mental reset about going to the gym.

As recently I’ve been going through the motions, not seeing any progress.

Nothing to do with fridge draw full of easter eggs and chocolate, promise.

So I turned to some external support and accountability to get me back on track.

It’s worked wonders.

And it made me think the same can apply to networking.

You can hit a wall. Your motivation can waver. You can plateau.

Sometimes you need similar external support and factors to aid you and give you some extra accountability.

Something to focus on and help you outside of the events.

Which is what I share with you today.

In doing so will mean being a more committed, consistent and motivated networker.

Improving the fitness and overall health of your network with that attitude.

And a healthy network means a healthy business.

Unfortunately, many networkers don’t realise there’s a lot outside of the events you can do to achieve this.

Let’s get you networking fit.


The progress and improvement from an exercise routine happens outside the gym.

Or away from the workouts.

There are many factors that contribute to your performance, motivation, and commitment.

Let’s see:

  • Your diet
  • Training partners
  • The warm up and cool down
  • Personal trainers
  • Joining a membership

Did you know there are networking equivalents for this too?

Let’s explore.

Feed Your Networking With A Healthy Diet

It’s said achieving your health and fitness goals is 80% diet, and 20% exercise.

*Moves half eaten easter egg from lap to coffee table…*

The same can be said with networking.

The magic happens outside of the event.

At an event you start or continue a conversation. Or make or receive an introduction.

But it’s not where you see the result happen.

You need to feed it.

Treat your networking diet as what you do before and after an event.

Amateur networkers go to events thinking it starts when they walk through the door, and ends when they walk out.

That’s like going to the gym, doing your weights, and expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime when you leave.

Feed your networking activity with:

  • Follow up messages/emails with those exciting conversations establishing next steps.
  • Regular check ins with connections - try the 12-4-1 Framework.
  • Arranging 1-1s with connections where there could be a mutual benefit.
  • Posting valuable insights, stories, trends from your industry on LinkedIn.

And to really round off the diet analogy.

What you’re doing before and after the event, is the bread holding together The Networking Event Sandwich Framework.

Networking Training Partners

If I tell someone I’m meeting them at the gym at 7am, I’m meeting them at the gym at 7am.

A gym buddy will have this impact.

The same can be done with your networking.

By finding an accountability networker.

They help you get more out of your events and keep you accountable to the networking habit or goal you’ve set yourself.

And vice versa.

Find a friend you regularly see at an event you want to attend consistently.

Share your business and networking goals between the two of you.

And have some fun with it.

Challenge each other, hold the bragging rights because you were first to book onto an event, set monthly check ins to share learnings, experiences and connections.

Networking can be lonely.

You can find your motivation wavering.

An accountability networker can combat this.

Networking Warm Ups & Cool Down

Preparation and post event activity are crucial to your networking work.

Think of it as your warm up and cool down.

How are you preparing or warming up for an event? Have you researched the guest list? Have you warmed conversations up?

What are you doing after events? Are you following up? Connecting on LinkedIn? Posting about your experience?

Warm ups and cool downs for exercise help maximise performance, reduce injury, and recovery.

Doing pre and post networking activity helps you go into an event prepared, warm up conversations, and continues them after the event.

Your Networking Personal Trainers

You may need guidance and support when training or going to the gym.

The same can be true for networking.

View the networking organisations you’re part of as your networking personal trainers.

They should support you to achieve your goals through attending the events and being active in the membership.

This could include facilitating introductions. Or suggesting good people for you to speak to. Or ensuring you’re maximising your membership benefits.

But don’t rely them to do it all for you.

Just like the gym, you need to show up regularly, do the heavy lifting and put in the reps.

With The Networkers Playbook - consider me your networking personal trainer.

Membership For Accountability

I got a notification last week from a workout app I pay for saying “we haven’t seen you in over a week, Bradley, we miss you”.

Alright, jeez, let me be.

Now, I know it’s automated. But it definitely did the job.

I was straight on it the next morning.

Truth is, life and work got in the way. It happens.

A membership is another level of accountability.

Not just because of the financial investment and commitment, but the psychological one too.

Because you want to make sure you’re getting value for money.

But also the fact you’ve made that commitment to something.

It could be that kick up the backside you need.

A commitment to a membership helps you be more committed and consistent to networking.

And consistent networkers always win.


So if you’re looking to get networking fit or out of a rut, consider the external help or activity outside of attending the events.

Be it:

  1. Feeding your networking with a healthy diet of follow ups and engagement
  2. Finding a networking partner - or an accountability networker
  3. Warming up and cooling down after each event
  4. Hiring a networking personal trainer
  5. Joining a membership

Now it’s down to you to go and put the reps in.

And remember.

Networking is more than an event. It’s what you’re doing outside of it where the magic happens.

Happy networking.

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